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My Story

Once upon a time in a little village called Sydney, Christopher Miller ran wild through the northern beaches of Dee Why and Mona Vale. With skin as brown as a Tim-Tam and hair bleached by the sun, he enjoyed his youth surfing the shories, sailing over Pittwater, playing team sports, camping and reading books. After many mountains explored and dragons conquered the boy-munchkin grew in stature and wisdom.

Now today, wherever Christopher goes, he helps uncover the identity and stories of those whom he meets. In many cases, helping others move through to chapters of connection greater than ever before experienced.

Chris Miller

Your Story

Have you ever been asked that question, ‘what’s your story?’
It’s the single greatest question anyone could ever ask you.
It’s someone allowing you the opportunity to invite them into your story because they are curious.

What are they curious about?
Well, we by nature are often eager to learn something new (from every story we pay attention to) in the hope of identifying truth that either resolves a question in our minds or reaffirms a belief that we hold deep within ourselves.

The characters, challenges, and solutions found within a story are the connection points that people either relate to or not. I can not know for certain whether I will relate to you as a client until I have heard your story. Many brand story campaigns fail to launch because the agency hired to create the campaign never forges a real connection with the client.

If you’re anything like me, you believe that your offering sets you apart from the rest.
Personally, you don’t respond particularly well to empty promises and pointless hype that saturates so much of the advertising and marketing content these days. What you are looking for now, is to connect with your audience in such way that they become immune to competitor’s advances and thrive from a loyal bond to your brand.

My specialty is unfolding the powerful story that is within you and your brand, forming its arrangement in such a way to connect with your target audience, and channeling it through to the marketplace via effective, on-trend, digital content delivery schemes.
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“Brand Communications can be brought into order through a foundational knowledge of story structure”

Christopher Miller


Are you someone who is beginning to realise the power of identity?
Its place within your story and the story of those you desire to connect with?
There is a force that shapes us and navigates us amidst our fellow travelers.
Understanding the wisdom of story and identity is a way to encourage connection.
No matter what our intention or goal is, we realise it through connection.
For this reason, your journey starts here in becoming a wise storyteller.

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Success means never letting the competition define you. Instead you have to define yourself based on a point of view you care deeply about.

Tom Chappell, Tom’s of Maine

Storyboarding Your Brand

Utilise the structure of storytelling to define brand communications. Clothe your brand with stories that identify powerful truths seated at the core of your prospect’s values, beliefs and attitude.

Content Delivery

This is where you take your brand story to market. Before you do though consider this – If your goal was to get water from the mountain to the village, which would be your preferred method? Carrying buckets of water or building storage and pipeline?

Web Channel Consultancy

Video is one of the most useful tools available to communicate your brand story. Developing a web channel for your video content and strategically interacting with that channel can result in a thriving, engaged community surrounding your brand.

Story with Motion Graphics

Discover how motion graphics can enhance your brand story

Story with Animated Characters

Explore the possibilities in using animated characters within your brand story.

Story with Live Video Recording

Storyline Creative are fully equipped and experienced to project manage and supply video production for smaller in-office filming through to music film, documentary and feature film.